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Anjali Rangaswami

Anjali Rangaswami

Anjali Rangaswami

Anjali Rangaswami '21, a sociology major, has won a Fulbright award to study caste, gender, and sexual harassment in higher education in India.

Anjali Rangaswami ’21 is a sociology major from San Francisco, the youngest of two daughters of a professional cellist mom, Krisanthy, and her father MR, an angel investor and community organizer.

Her work studying the sociology of online sexual harassment and leading SCU’s Violence Prevention Program for three years has had a profound impact on her life’s trajectory.

“I had some incredible research experiences just doing my sociology major at Santa Clara,” said Rangaswami, who conducted studies on online sexual harassment for her senior capstone project. That research led to her leading SCU’s student-run sexual violence prevention program through the campus Wellness Center. She worked with other students, faculty and staff members to educate the campus community on issues that contribute to sexual assault, harassment, relationship abuse, stalking and hazing.

“I got a lot of experience working directly with my peers to educate students on how we can change society’s culture of violence and support survivors, to ultimately create the culture shift that’s necessary for change,” she said.

Rangaswami hopes to bring that same passion to her Fulbright research, which she plans to conduct in Mumbai, India, focusing on the intersectionality of caste and gender on sexual harassment in Indian higher education.

“People with more marginalized, gender and caste identities face higher rates of violence or different sorts of violence,” she said. “I’m interested in how we can prevent violence and create nuanced interventions, in a way that acknowledges the different facets of people’s identities.”

At SCU, Rangaswami also served as peer educator for the Sociology and Modern Languages and Literatures departments; she studied abroad in Brussels, Belgium; is the vice president of the Alpha Sigma Nu Honors Society, and served as an Intern for Bronco Urban Gardens.

She hopes to get a master’s in public administration to help implement large-scale policy and government interventions to reduce violence against women.

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