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The Department of Human Resources is here to assist supervisors, managers, and leaders in navigating challenging situations so that they are able to hire smart, set clear expectations, provide clarity of purpose, deliver performance feedback and, create a well-functioning team that can work and play well together and get things done.  Leading your team is an expectation SCU has of you as a supervisor and manager.  Here you will find resources, policies, educational offerings, and invaluable information on how to lead your team. 

Front line supervisors and middle managers have one of the most difficult positions in organizations, including here at Santa Clara University.  Do a search of the internet and you will get millions of hits on “management” or “leadership”.  There are tens of thousands of books in print on these topics.  Obviously, there are many theories as to how to be a better supervisor. 

The word “manager” comes from the Latin noun manus, which means” to handle” or “the hand”.  The word “leader” is from the root word, “to go” or “to guide”.  We want all our staff in supervisory roles to be effective at managing your team and the work you do.  We also want you to become a leader to your team and for the University. 

It is not just about getting things done.  It is also about developing yourself and your staff, so that together as a team, you can accomplish so much more than you could as a collection of individuals.

Feel free to contact Shirley Mata at or 408-554-6990 for assistance with any aspect of developing yourself as a more effective manager or a more inspiring leader.  Whether it is a desire to be a stronger leader, talk about a problem, or dealing with a leadership challenge, we are here to help.   We look forward to serving you – helping you to liberate the leader within, and to mobilize others to make extraordinary things happen.