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Employee Development


Learning and Leadership Development Programs

One-On-One Coaching Sessions

Whether you are struggling with a colleague, boss or subordinate, thinking about your next career move, a situation you’re not sure how to resolve, or anything else affecting you on the job, this is your opportunity to confidentially work with a coach and gain a better understanding of what is really at play. Each 45 minute session will give you the opportunity to truly be heard, and potentially find the insight you need.  Please come prepared and ready to discuss the details of your situation, thoughts you’ve considered and ideas you have about it, or have already tried. For more information contact Shirley Mata at 408-554-6990 or

  • Strategic Planning
  • Assessments
  • Team Development
  • Coaching
  • Change and Transition Processing
  • Department Retreat Facilitation
  • Off-site Retreat Centers and Information

Human Resources Learning and Leadership Development facilitates team building and retreat programs for departments and work groups on campus. Each session is customized to meet the needs of your department and can cover a wide range of topics and exercises to facilitate group development, goal planning, workplace communication, boundary breaking, norm setting and many other topics.

For more information, contact Charlie Ambelang at (408) 551-1940.

Human Resources Learning and Leadership Development can offer a variety of exercises and activities to assist you in building a strong work team. We facilitate programs on campus or at retreat facilities located in the bay area. These programs give work groups an opportunity to foster personal and professional relationships and discover ways to better work together as an organization.

For more information, contact Cheryl Johnson at (408) 554-6990.

Human Resources offers coaching and consultation appointments for staff and supervisors throughout the year. All employees are welcome to use this service to improve workplace relationships, manage change more effectively, resolve conflicts, increase skills in communication, improve performance or simply discuss any employee relations issue. This service is intended to pro-actively assist non managers and managers in discussing and addressing concerns before they become serious problems.

Please contact Shirley Mata at 408-554-6990 or As always, Human Resources representatives are available for immediate assistance with any employee relations concern. You may contact the HR Service Desk at x4392 to schedule an appointment.

All Santa Clara University staff members are expected to participate in an ongoing performance planning process. The performance planning, management and review process is based on a performance partnership between supervisors and employees. Human Resources continues to receive feedback indicating that much improvement has been made over the years. Most supervisors and employees are trained in this process and employees have received quality feedback.

In the coming year we want to build on what we have done well and address that which can be done better. In the spirit of continuous improvement, the President's Staff advocates support for the ongoing process of performance planning, management and review. It is our intention both to enhance individual participation in the process and to foster organizational consistency within divisions and across the University.

Introductory Employees

The University observes a six-month introductory period for new staff members designed to allow for mutual evaluation. It allows the supervisor and the employee, an appropriate orientation, training and evaluation period to assess the employee's aptitude, interest and ability to perform satisfactorily the requirements of the position. At the conclusion of this introductory period, the supervisor must submit appropriate documentation of the performance review that has been discussed.

Human Resources offers training to new employees on how this process works and helps staff learn how to work with supervisors to set performance expectations, measures success, and ensure that clear and concise performance feedback takes place. All new staff members are asked to attend a Performance Planning workshop within the first three months of employment. To see when the next workshop will take place, please refer to the training section of our web page.

Support for Managers and Staff

Human Resources also offers one-on-one coaching sessions for managers and staff for the performance planning process. All employees are welcome to schedule an appointment with a member of the Human Resources staff to assist you with questions and problems related to the performance planning process. This service is intended to proactively assist all staff members in discussing and addressing concerns before they become serious problems. Please call the Human Resources Service Desk at extension 4392 to schedule an appointment.

Performance Document

The performance document that is used for the performance planning process. You may also choose to prepare the review in a substantive memo provided that it includes all of the components outlined in the performance document.

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  • Organizational Services

    Managers and supervisors are encouraged to use Learning and Leadership Development staff to improve the effectiveness of their department.

    We can facilitate a retreat to start the year, help improve team trust and communication, or assist with organizational change initiatives. We can also help individual employees with any employee relations question or problem. Conflict mediation is also available.

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