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Employee Relations

The Department of Human Resources is committed to assisting the University community develop and maintain a positive work environment. The Employee Relations team is a resource for all faculty and staff on a broad range of issues, policies and concerns. Santa Clara University encourages positive working relationships and a quality work life through resolution of employee interests and concerns.


Employee Relations Team:

The following comprise a partial list of the many services provided by the Employee Relations team.

Employment Concerns Resignations
Policies and Procedures Performance Management
Policy Interpretation Exit Interviews
Grievances Employee Assistance Program(EAP)
Corrective Action Interpersonal and Communication Skills
Workplace Complaints Problem Solving

Employee Relations Team Assists With:

Abby advises employees on a broad range of employee relations and performance issues to facilitate positive working relationships throughout the University. More »

If you have questions concerning any of the policies in the Staff Policy Manual, you are encouraged to consult with one of the Employee Relations team. Pertinent policies relating to ER issues include:


Employee Relations Outcomes:

The Employee Relations staff can provide guidance and counseling with any workplace issue, concern or complaint.  We can discuss a range of possible courses of action which include:

  • Coaching the employee on how to raise the issue with a colleague, supervisor or second level supervisor (if attempts to address the issues with the direct supervisor have not provided a suitable resolution).
  • Developing a professional development plan to assist the employee in gaining or improving work-related skill sets.
  • Utilizing a facilitator to assist the employee and the other person in mutually resolving the concerns.
  • Understanding the options that Policy 309 provides for the resolution of concerns.
  • Identifying resources to assist with career exploration.