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Faculty Unionization

The Service Employees International Union local 1021 seeks to exclusively represent non-tenure-track* faculty members at Santa Clara University on matters related to their employment.

The University’s position on the matter is clear: we believe our collaborative governance model continues to be the best approach towards building a world-class university where all our faculty can build meaningful careers and share in our Jesuit mission. 

The historic decision of our non-tenure-track colleagues whether to be represented through a union or not will fundamentally—and perhaps permanently—change how we work together to best live out our mission. The operational, financial, and cultural implications are substantial. This page provides timely information for those considering whether they wish to accept or reject group representation by the SEIU. Please check back often for updates. 

*While the University is moving away from the terminology of “non-tenure-track,” this is the terminology that the SEIU/organizing committee has been using in its communications and draft proposals. For consistency, we also use it here.

Faculty Unionization

An Informed Decision
We are committed to providing clear answers to important questions, presenting the results of collaborative governance, and offering the facts.

Training Slide Deck

During the week of March 15, the University conducted trainings for department chairs, program directors, staff in the deans’ offices and centers, Provost’s Office staff, and the President’s Cabinet. The training was intended to ensure no member of management engaged in communications that intimidated, coerced, or otherwise created a hostile work environment related to a non-tenure-track faculty members’ position for or against unionization. The training also reiterated the University’s position, described the typical election campaign process, and discussed how a union would change practices on campus.


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