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Faculty Affairs Committee


The Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC) works with the Provost to promote the professional development of faculty. In this capacity it serves as the final locus of dialogue in the formulation of University programs, policies, and procedures pertaining to the responsibilities of the faculty.

The Faculty Affairs Committee makes its recommendations to the Provost, the senior administrator overseeing faculty affairs. 

The charge of the Faculty Affairs Committee is to:

1. Initiate and/or review proposals, University initiatives, and programs for faculty development.

2. Review and evaluate proposals on compensation/benefits so that they promote faculty achievement and reflect sound personnel practice.

3. Promote adequate support for faculty teaching, advising, scholarship, creative work, and service.

4. Review and recommend policies governing sabbaticals. 

5. Ensure that guidelines and criteria for recruitment and hiring of faculty, and for promotion and tenure advance the mission and goals of the University.

6. Ensure the fairness and efficiency of University appellate and judicial procedures for faculty.

7. Oversee faculty committees charged with responsibility for policies, procedures, programs, or issues pertaining to the responsibilities or compensation of faculty.

8. Collaborate with the Staff Affairs Committee on issues, policies, guidelines, and programs that affect all University personnel.

The subcommittee assists the Faculty Affairs Committee in reviewing and drafting policies and procedures related to Adjunct Faculty, Lecturers and Senior Lecturers.



FAC Members

  • Nydia MacGregor, Faculty Director of MBA Programs, RTL, 2018–22
  • Blake de Maria, Faculty Affairs Committee Member, Art & Art History, Professor, W-S 2022
  • Catherine Murphy, Associate Provost for Faculty Personnel and Policy (Provost Designee)

UCC-Appointed Members

  • Laura Doyle, Civil, Environmental & Sustainable Engineering, RTL, 2018–22, Chair
  • Charlotta Kratz, Communication, AYAL, 2018–22
  • Allia Griffin, Ethnic Studies, RTL, 2020-23
  • Matthew Harrigan, Political Science, AYAL, 2021-24
  • Tonya Nilsson, Civil, Senior Lecturer of Enviromental and Sustainable Engineering, 2021-24
  • Ted Grudin, Environmental Studies and Sciences, AYAL, 2021-24
  • Pandora del Carmen (Manager for Faculty Affairs, non-voting participant)

Agendas & Minutes

End of Year Summary Reports

Proposals in Progress

Proposal IDProposal TitleDocumentCategoryStatus
SubFAC-21-06-03 Proposal to Review Rank Structure and Promotion for Teaching Faculty Draft (3/9/21) Contract Terms Consult 2
SubFAC-20-01-29 Grievance Committee Proposal Draft Governance FAC
SubFAC-20-03-03 Salary Proposal for adding AYAL, RTL and SL Targets to PIG  Draft Compensation FAC


Click here to view a spreadsheet tracking current issues that FAC and SubFAC are working on. You will be asked to login with your SCU user name and password.



  • Laura Ellingson, Professor of Communication, 2021-22, Chair
  • Catherine Murphy, Associate Provost for Faculty Personnel and Policy, ex officio
  • Lucila Ramos-Sanchez, Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology, 2018-22
  • Reynaud Serrette, Professor of Engineering, 2021-22
  • Nydia MacGregor, Lecturer of Management and Entrepreneurshi, 2018–22
  • Anthony Hazard, Associate Professor of History and Ethnic Studies, 2019-23
  • Drew Starbird, Professor of OMIS, 2019-23
  • Brian McNelis, Associate Professor of Chemistry, 2021-24
  • Blake DeMaria, Professor of Art & Art History, 2021-24
  • Gary Spitko, Professor of Law, 2021-24
  • Pandora del Carmen (Manager for Faculty Affairs, non-voting participant)