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About Us

Our Mission

The University Budget Office supports the institution's strategic plan through budget development, ensuring future plans support the vision, mission and values of Santa Clara University.   Supporting institution-wide planning, we are committed to transparency in the creation, consolidation, and review of plans and budgets.

The University Budget Office supports the university’s priorities by:

  • identifying, projecting, allocating, and managing the resources available for university operating and capital expenditures;
  • assisting university staff in the establishment, maintenance, and monitoring of budgets;
  • developing and maintaining systems that support budget development and reporting;
  • providing support and analysis to university leadership to support decision making; and
  • implementing sound budget and management practices in a collegial fashion with the university community.

Our Vision

The University Budget Office will guide and support planning and budgeting in all academic and operational areas of the University.

Our Purpose

The University Budget Office develops, implements, and maintains a comprehensive and integrated budgeting process. The annual budget planning process is led by the University Budget Council with the support of the President and senior management. The budget planning process culminates in the development of operating and capital budget plans that serve as the basis for establishing annual departmental operating budgets.

Working closely with all levels at the University, the University Budget Office also assists in the management of University financial resources. As part of the University Finance Office management team, the UBO provides the information required to support financial management and planning activities.

Our Team

Jing Tan

Jing Tan

Assistant Budget Director

Phone: (408)554-5410


The Assistant Budget Director is responsible for the macro budget planning cycle, forecasting and modeling, and staff salary planning.

Tony  Robles

Tony Robles

Senior Budget Analyst

Phone: (408)554-5097


The Senior Budget Analyst is responsible for the micro budget planning cycle, financial systems and reporting, web presence, and administration financial support.