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Building Budgets

Santa Clara University uses a consolidated operating structure where all transactions supporting the day to day administrative and academic operations of the University flow through 3 types of operating accounts - the Education & General Fund, Designated Funds, or Auxiliary Funds.  The University Budget office focuses on long and short term budget planning for these types of operating accounts.  The below graphic provides additional context for the operating and non-operating funds.  

Annually, the process starts with the Macro Budget cycle which includes new resource requests and capital planning to develop a high level budget for the entire university.  Ultimately that budget is submitted for review and approval by the University Board of Trustees.  Once approved, the Micro Budget process begins.  This takes the high level Macro Budget and divides it amongst the 270 departments to create an actionable and operational budget for the coming fiscal year.

The links to the right provide additional information on timing, forms, guidelines and more.