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Ask Professor Kat Saxton,
COVID-19 Health Ambassador

Professor Kat Saxton, Associate Professor (Biology Department and Public Health Program), epidemiologist and public health expert at Santa Clara University, answers your COVID-19 related questions. Thanks for helping our community stay safe.

Please read our COVID-19 FAQs for additional information.



Information about vaccines and campus health and safety protocols.


Episode 34 - Booster Shots

Professor Kat explains why booster shots are important and what to do if you've already been infected.

Episode 33 - The Omicron Variant

Details on the omicron variant, testing protocol for the return to campus, and what to do in case of exposure or a positive test.

Episode 32 - Prof. Kat & Friends

SCU's public health experts remind us to continue to get tested frequently after Thanksgiving break, stay home if we are feeling sick, and wear a mask indoors.

Episode 31 - COVID, Colds, and Flu

The importance of testing, and how to protect yourself during this cold and flu season.

Episode 30 - All About Testing

Answering all of your questions about COVID-19 testing.

Episode 29 - Fall 2021 Details

More details about Fall 2021 and COVID-19 protocol on campus.

Episode 28 - Entry Testing

Professor Kat reviews guidelines for Fall 2021 entry testing.

Episode 27 - Fall 2021 Return

Everything you need to know about returning to campus this Fall.

Episode 26 - Goodbye for Now!

Professor Kat thanks you all for your thoughtful questions throughout the course of this series.

Episode 25 - International Vaccines and the On-Campus Vaccine Clinic

Details about SCU's June 2 pop up vaccination clinic on campus.

Episode 24 - Mask Requirements & Vaccine Exemptions

Important information on vaccine exemptions, mask guidelines, and remote learning options.

Episode 23 - Vaccines, Vaccines Vaccines

Answers to commonly asked questions about vaccines. Everything from international vaccine acceptance to getting multiple vaccines.

Episode 22 - Vaccine Requirements and Mask Guidelines

Information on the new CDC mask guidance.

Episode 21 - Getting Back to Normal and Vaccine Pauses

What fall quarter will look like, what the J&J vaccine pause means, and how we can try to get back to normal.

Episode 20 - Testing and Vaccinations for Students

How students can get vaccinated and how our testing plan will alter for those vaccinated.

Episode 19 - Vaccines and Commencement

How students can get help scheduling a vaccine appointment and what the recent campus spike means.

Episode 18 - Graduation & Safety on Campus

Questions about in-person graduation, gathering on campus, and student health ambassadors.

Episode 17 - Getting Vaccinated and Looking to the Future

Questions about recurring vaccinations and life for students on campus.

Episode 16 - Moving into On-Campus Housing

Questions about moving onto campus and how the vaccine can help curb the spread of the virus.

Episode 15 - Looking to Spring at SCU

Questions about spring quarter, vaccination for student workers, and COVID-19 variants.

Episode 14 - More Information on Vaccines!

Student worker eligibility, vaccine distribution, and how the vaccine works in our bodies.

Episode 13 - COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

Questions about vaccine rollout and mental health.

Episode 12 - Miscellaneous Questions

Miscellaneous questions about virus transmission and vaccine contents.

Episode 11 - COVID-19 Variants and Vaccines

New COVID-19 variants, mask recommendations, and how to exercise safely.

Episode 10 - Questions about Vaccines

Answers to many of your questions about COVID-19 vaccination, plus more about weekly testing.

Episode 9 - Questions about Testing at Santa Clara

What you need to know about on-campus testing procedures.

Episode 8 - Testing Positive and Vaccine Information

The recent spike in positive cases at SCU, and how to find more information about vaccine eligibility.

Episode 7 - Conditions in Santa Clara County and Living Off Campus

Weekly on-campus testing, conditions in Santa Clara County, and what the new strain of COVID could mean.

Episode 6 - Winter Term COVID-19 Testing Plans

Everything you need to know about SCU's winter term COVID-19 testing plans.

Episode 5 - Winter Quarter and More Vaccine Updates

Exposure notifications, SCU winter quarter updates, and information about vaccines.

Episode 4 - How to Quarantine and Vaccine Updates

How to quarantine after traveling, information on Santa Clara County regulations, and vaccine updates.

Episode 3 - Social Isolation, Mental Health

Advice for managing social isolation and mental health during a pandemic.

Episode 2 - Traveling Home for the Holidays

Tips for safer airplane travel, and how to have a safer holiday celebration.

Episode 1 - Introducing Professor Saxton

Santa Clara University's resident COVID-19 expert, Associate Professor of Biology & Public Health Katherine Saxton, is answering our most pressing COVID-19 questions each week.

Additional Resources

Learn more about the health and safety measures taken at SCU to protect our community.

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