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Spiritual Life

Spiritual life on campus is something we all build together. When we bring our diverse experiences and beliefs into one place, we grow and learn together.

Santa Clara is a Jesuit, Catholic university that welcomes and celebrates the religious diversity of its students. About half of our undergraduate students are Catholic, with the other half being Protestant, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, agnostic, students with no religious preference, and more. No matter your religious or spiritual tradition, there’s something for you at Santa Clara.

Getting Involved

Santa Clara students explore their questions and beliefs, as well as build community through popular religious studies courses, student religious clubs, programming in the residence halls, immersion programs, and a variety of Campus Ministry programs. Leadership in many of these activities provides students a space to develop professional skills and prepare for life beyond SCU.

Sacred Spaces

There are many special places on campus where you can pray, meditate, or quietly reflect on your day, alone or with others. Enjoy a quiet and tranquil moment in any of our various sacred spaces, including the Meditation Room, the historic Mission Church, the Multifaith Sanctuary, or the tucked away St. Clare Garden.

Interfaith Events