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Semester & Quarter Programs

All students participating in scu-approved programs will earn credits and grades for their participation. Courses, internship placements, and research opportunities that are not evaluated and approved for major, minor, or core credit will appear on SCU transcripts as general elective credit. Most programs abroad are semester-length opportunities, because the quarter system is unique to the United States. 

Fall semester programs typically align with SCU's quarter system, meaning students have little to no overlap with another quarter at SCU on these programs. However, there are a few exceptions due to academic calendars abroad, such as the Japan: Tokyo/SCU program (which overlaps with winter quarter) and programs in Australia (which usually begin mid-summer). 

Spring semester programs do not align with SCU's quarter system. Students are away from campus for the winter and spring quarters on semester study abroad programs. While applying for a spring semester program can help student's increase their chances of securing a nomination for study abroad (since less students apply during this term), it could impact a student's academic trajectory.

All students interested in studying abroad should discuss program dates with their faculty advisor prior to submitting an application. Students can verify the tentative dates of a program, and which quarters they would be away from Santa Clara, under the Terms and Deadlines section of each program brochure.

Benefits of Studying Abroad During the Academic-Year

  1. Nominated students may fulfill major, minor, or core credit while abroad
  2. Financial Aid may be used for fall, winter, and spring term programs
  3. Enhanced opportunities for language acquisition and immersion
  4. For-credit internship or research options are available on some study abroad programs
  5. Opportunities to study abroad at presitigious universities abroad

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Important Considerations

Fall, winter, and spring term programs are competitive, meaning not every eligible student who applies will be nominated. Competitive applicants are those who can demonstrate a strong alignment between their program of interest and their academics. Students who apply to study abroad during a fall, winter, or spring term must plan for and enroll in a full-time courseload while abroad. This is typically 4 - 6 courses. 

Questions to Consider Before You Apply:
  • Is my academic plan too rigid to accomodate the flexibility that is needed for courses abroad?
  • How comfortable am I navigating new situations on my own?
  • Can I afford a study abroad experience during an academic-year term?
  • Do I have the right intentions about pursuing an academic program abroad?
  • Am I prepared to be away from home for a long period of time?
  • How will the culture and academic structure be different from what I’m accustomed to?
  • What can I get out of studying abroad that I can’t get while attending school in the U.S.?
Application & Eligibility

Contact a Returnee

Rika Sarkar, Global Engagement Ambassador (2020-21)

Do you want to hear from study abroad alumni? Utilize the Returnee Database to connect with SCU students willing to discuss their summer study or intern abroad experiences! 

Please be aware there may not be an alumni available from your programs of interest. All available alumni will be listed in the returnee database. 

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