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SCU-Approved Programs

Santa Clara University offers students a variety off fellowship, internship, and traditional study abroad experiences to choose from in the summer, fall, winter, and spring terms. Worried that not many programs align with your major? Search programs by major to identify programs that provide the best chance to participate in a program while continuing progress toward your degree in a particular major.

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Questions to Consider When Selecting a Program:

Selecting a program is a deeply personal decision. Students from the same major or minor may have vastly different goals, and as a result, there's no such thing as "the perfect program." Here are a few questions to consider when determing the program that not only excites you, but feels right:

  • What type of study abroad experience am I looking for? 
    • Understanding program models will help you narrow your program search based on the type of immersion you hope to have.
    • Compare housing options, community engagement opportunities, field-trips, and meal plans offered on every program.
    • Research the country location by using Diversity Abroad's Destination Guides or another search tool to learn more about the culture. 
  • How does this program align with my academic needs?
    • Consider searching programs by major which will provide the best chance to continue progress toward your degree in a particular major.
    • Compare programs based on academic alignment (as well as personal and professional goals) using the Course Planning Workbook.
    • Consider expanding your search using the full program database, based on the area of study you would like to pursue. For example, you may decide you want to focus on courses that could satisfy minor and core requirements, rather than major requirements.
  • What are my goals post-graduation and how can a study abroad experience act as a stepping stone?
    • Planning to enter the workforce after you graduate? Boost your resume by selecting a program that allows you to participate in an internship for-credit while abroad. Or maybe graduate school has your name written all over it? Develop your research skills by selecting a program that allows you to conduct research while abroad. 
    • Consider adding an International Studies Minor or a Language Minor to your degree plan.
  • What might my experience in this particular location look like, based on my varying identities?
  • What is my budget for a study abroad experience?
    • Understanding your budget for a study abroad experience will help you feel more confident about the feasibility of this opportunity. Costs are a valid concern, and we've built resources to help you determine what your budget for study abroad looks like.
    • Learn more on our Affording Study Abroad page.
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Cropped Summer Study & Intern Program Options

Summer Study or Intern Abroad

Although Study Abroad at Santa Clara University is competitive during the regular academic year (Fall, Winter, Spring), this is not true for summer. So long as students meet program eligibility requirements and submit a complete application by the deadline, they will be nominated. 

Summer Programs

Cropped Global Engagement Fellowships

Global Engagement Fellowships

Global Engagement Fellowships are fully-funded virtual experiences that focus on pillars of innovation and community engagement that are integral to global learning and intercultural connections. These fellowships support global engagement by providing opportunities to students to focus on community organizing, collaborative innovation, advocacy, intercultural communication, and global perspectives.

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Cropped Fall, Winter, & Spring Term Study Abroad Programs

Fall, Winter, & Spring Programs

Most study abroad programs are semester-length opportunities. Students can verify the tentative dates of a program, and which quarters they will be away from Santa Clara, under the Terms and Deadlines section of the program brochure. Students should discuss program dates with their academic advisor prior to applying to study abroad. 

Semester + Quarter Programs