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Family Resources

We understand that the decision to send your student on a study program overseas may be a difficult one: there are safety and financial issues to consider, and there are many programs, with different types of experiences to choose from. We also understand that the decision to study abroad is often one involving many loved ones. Below are some links to additional resources that you may find useful in making an informed decision regarding this incredible opportunity.

Supporting Your Student

Study Abroad is a unique educational and cultural opportunity for all SCU students. We try our best to help your student get a good start for a productive and enjoyable experience abroad, but your support and interest are equally important. We encourage you to communicate with your student about their ideas, goals, and expectations long before they set out on the journey.

Your support and enthusiasm mean so much—at every step of their education. 

Our Promise and Best Tips

Family Day Info Session

Learn from study abroad staff about how you can support your student through their global experience. Specifically for students and families who have already been accepted to study abroad during 2022-23 terms.

Are you a prospective SCU student or family member? View this video for students and families who are looking to apply for study abroad in the future.

Competitive Nature of Study Abroad at SCU

Fall, winter, and spring study abroad programs are competitive, meaning that not every eligible student who submits an application will be nominated. Summer study or intern abroad programs are not competitive. As long as a student is eligible and submits an application by the deadline, they will be nominated by SCU to participate.

Application Process & Deadline
Emergency Plan Resources for Abroad

Emergency Response Plan

When an emergency incident occurs abroad, SCU Study Abroad will immediately mobilize resources in coordination with the campus, local onsite staff, and faculty, as well as local authorities and emergency organizations. This defines the lines of communication, the scope of support required, the resources needed to assist students abroad, and any coordination with third-party organizations.

Health & Safety Resources

Affording Study Abroad

With careful planning and the right tools, study abroad can be a realistic opportunity for students from all financial backgrounds. There are many opportunities to fund approved study abroad programs, including financial aid and scholarships. We strongly encourage students to identify and apply to any study abroad scholarships they are eligible for, and request a financial aid estimate from One Stop.

Costs, Financial Aid, & Scholarships

The Benefits of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad enriches students’ academic experience. They get to live in interesting places, have many opportunities to visit historically and culturally significant sites, examine artifacts they’ve only read about or seen on TV, and interact with local students and faculty. Many will become students at prestigious universities where they have to adjust and learn to thrive in an academic system that demands independence and initiative. 

Download Benefits of Study Abroad PDF