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SCU Rave Guardian

Turn your phone into a personal safety device.

Download the FREE Rave Guardian safety app to check in with family, friends, Campus Safety Services, or others you trust to help you stay safe both on and off campus. The Rave Guardian app is an effective way for students, staff, and faculty to communicate with Campus Safety via a smart phone.

Download for iOS on the App Store

Download for Android on Google Play

With this app you can:

  • Set a Safety Timer - Notify people you trust to check in on you if you are alone or in an unfamiliar place. Set a timer as an escort as you walk to class or across campus. If the time is not deactivated before expiration, Campus Safety will be notified to contact you.
  • Manage & Message Your Guardians - Invite family, friends, or others to be your Guardian, and communicate with them within the app as needed.
  • Easy Emergency Communication - Call Public Safety directly for help if you are in trouble and send text tips - including photos - if you see something suspicious.

Important Points to Remember:

  • In a campus emergency always dial 911 or (408)-554-4444. The Rave Guardian app should not replace the standard practice of dialing (408)-554-4444 from your cell phone (or x4444 from a campus phone) to report campus-based police, fire, suspicious circumstances, or medical emergencies.
  • The Rave Guardian app should only be utilized in areas on and immediately around the the main campus at Santa Clara University.
  • As with any cell phone usage, certain factors (such as signal strength, type and quality of your phone carrier, and dead spots) can affect the GPS locator accuracy.
  • To maximize the full benefit of this app, update your profile with a current photo and accurate self-description, vehicle description, and medical conditions. The more information you provide in your profile, the easier it will be for Campus Safety to locate you, if necessary. Note: You can change your profile picture at any time.
  • When using the escort timer tool, it is strongly recommended that you enter a status in text explaining to Campus Safety about your current location, intended destination, intended course of travel, etc. This information will greatly facilitate any necessary response actions coordinated by Campus Safety and SCPD (when notified).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who is eligible to use Rave Guardian at SCU?

A. Any SCU constituent with a current or email address is eligible.

Q. Is there a cost for the app or the service?

A. The Rave Guardian Safety app is free for anyone to use with friends and family as your selected Guardians. Santa Clara University has purchased a license for constituents to utilize Rave Guardian with Campus Safety Services as a primary Guardian. There are no costs other than text messaging fees and minutes charged by your cell phone provider.

Q. Is my privacy protected?

A. Profile data is stored privately and securely within Rave Mobile Safety’s redundant and geographically diverse databases. Your profile can only be viewed by Campus Safety dispatchers when your timer expires, send a tip or you dial 9-1-1.

Q. Can Rave Guardian track me?

A. Rave Guardian can allow Campus Safety to locate your approximate location when your timer expires or you place a 9-1-1 call. However, it cannot be used to locate you without your knowledge. Your profile and location (if you have enabled the location service) are only available to Public Safety when your timer expires or you call 9-1-1.

Q. Does Rave Guardian work off-campus?

A. The features of the app will work off-campus; however, if you have an emergency at an off-campus location you should dial 9-1-1. The tip feature is for on campus locations only.

Q. What should I include in my profile?

A. The more information you provide, the more Campus Safety knows if they need to assist you in an emergency. At a minimum, your address (home and school), your physical description and a recent photo are great places to start. If you have a particular health issue or other personal safety concern, you can include that information as well. It is up to you what and how much information you provide.

Q. Are the tips sent through Rave Guardian anonymous?

A. No. Your name, phone number and profile are displayed to Public Safety when you send a tip through the Rave Guardian app.