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Derozap is a campus bicycle commuter program to encourage individuals that work at the University to commute to campus in a more sustainable manner. For each day that a commuter rides their bike, they will receive a point. These points are then redeemable by the commuter for parking in the future. To register for the program, please click here!

Once you have registered, you can pick up your zap tag at Transportation Services and get riding!  If you are a registered bicycle commuter you can log in to the DeroZap system and track your own accrued points, miles ridden, calories burned, gallons of gas saved, etc. 

When you have accumulated the necessary amount of points for a free parking pass, simply drive up to the Main Gate and present your ACCESS card to the officer, who will then redeem your parking pass and tell you where to park.

Visit the links below to register, log in, and get all your questions answered! 

Dero Fixit Stations

Does your bike need fixing? To support

University staff, faculty, and student bicyclists, Transportation Services recently installed four Dero Bike Fixit stations around campus. A Fixit station can be found at Swig Hall North Steps (Kennedy Mall side), San Filippo West End (Near the Sobrato Fountain), Campus Safety/Transportation Services, and the University Villas.

The Dero Fixit station features all the necessary tools, including a heavy duty tire pump, to make basic bike repairs.  With these tools, you can change flats, pump air into tires, and adjust brakes and derailleurs.  

For tutorials on how to make these repairs, you can check out the QR code on the front of each Fixit station with your smartphone or check out this website.

If a Fixit station needs attention, please complete this short online form with a description of what needs attending.