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The Orientation website is updated frequently so please refresh your web browser each time you visit a page within the website to make sure you are getting the most up-to-date information.

Information as of February 1, 2022

Fall 2022 Admits

All new students (first year students and transfer students) beginning enrollment in September 2022 are required -- unless noted otherwise -- to participate in all parts of Orientation which also includes academic advising and course enrollment. Orientation entails engaging with fellow students, registering for classes, learning about our academic and co-curricular programs, and obtaining information about how you can get involved with the Santa Clara community.

Parents and other family members are encouraged (not required) to participate in Orientation through sessions designed specifically for them. We will introduce parents and other family members to the values, goals, and practices of Santa Clara as well as share resources about our academic programs and student services.

General information:

  • The various parts of Orientation are described in more detail in the section below.
  • All parts of Orientation will be delivered virtually from June to September so travel to campus is not needed.
  • New students and families will arrive on campus for Welcome Weekend to move into the residence halls and participate in welcome events.
  • The dates of Welcome Weekend is September 17-18, 2022.

Parts of Orientation

The list below will give you a general idea of the various parts of Orientation:

  • BroncoExchange
    • This online community is for new students to connect with our Orientation Leaders, other student leaders, and university departments who look forward to hosting virtual meeting spaces that are welcoming and engaging to help prepare them for arrival on campus in September.
    • Sessions on BroncoExchange led by our Orientation Leaders and campus partners will be available starting in late spring and run through the end of summer.
    • Participating in sessions is voluntary (not required) based on each student's needs and interests.
  • Camino
    • This online course is for new students to learn more about their academic experience including the Core Curriculum, academic advising, and course enrollment.
    • The Camino course will be available in mid/late June.
  • Academic Advising & Course Enrollment
    • This virtual session is for new students to meet with their academic advisors to discuss their first year of academic coursework at SCU and register for fall classes.
    • These sessions will take place in July and August.
    • Each new student needs to attend only one session.
  • Comevo
    • This online module is for new students to:
      • Learn what it means to be a part of our diverse and inclusive community rooted in the Jesuit tradition.
      • Become familiar with the academic and support resources that are here to help you thrive in and out of the classroom.
      • Review the set of requirements that are part of your Orientation experience.
    • The Comevo module is also known as the "online module for SCU New Student Orientation."
    • This module will be available starting July 1.
  • LEVL Up
    • This is an experience for students created by students.
    • This course will provide:
      • Strategies to reach your goals.
      • Opportunities to practice self-care and self-reflection.
      • Methods to optimize your learning tools and environment.
      • Resources to succeed inside and outside of the classroom.
      • Pathways to make meaningful connections with fellow Broncos and peers.
    • LEVL Up is an opportunity for all majors from all schools to prepare for a great Bronco experience.
  • Zoom Webinars
    • This online tool is for new students and families to attend live webinars hosted by various campus partners to learn about the SCU student experience including topics such as:
      • Student Life
      • Core Curriculum
      • Student Accounts & Billing
      • Financial Aid
      • Health & Wellness
      • Diversity & Inclusion
      • Student Involvement
    • Webinars will take place in July and August.
    • Each webinar will be recorded and archived so those who cannot participate live may view it later at their convenience.
    • Participating in webinars is voluntary (not required) based on each student and parent's needs and interests.
  • Being a Bronco Series
    • The Being A Bronco Series is an 8-part series that helps to transition new students to the SCU community.
    • The information you gain from this series will help you to positively navigate your time at SCU.
    • The series begins in August and concludes in February.
    • Details about what you need to access and complete each part of the series will be emailed to you within 2 weeks of each part beginning.

Parts of Welcome Weekend

The list below will give you a general idea of the various parts of Welcome Weekend (September 17-18, 2022):

  • Move-in
  • Resource fair
  • University welcome
  • Sunday liturgy (mass)
  • Class picture
  • RLC meetings and activities
  • Additional social activities
  • Receptions

Click here to learn more about Welcome Weekend.

Email Newsletter

The Bronco Prep Guide is an online newsletter sent via email to all new students and parents with welcome messages, information, deadlines, and online resources to help prepare them for Orientation, Welcome Weekend, and the transition to college.

Click here to view the Bronco Prep Guide archives.

Winter 2022 Admits

All new students (first year students and transfer students) beginning enrollment in January 2022 are required to participate in all parts of Orientation.

  • Full details will be sent via email on December 3 and December 8, 2021.
  • Reminder emails will be sent on December 17, 2021, and January 7, 2022.
  • Information about academic advising, course enrollment, housing, and billing will be sent separately by the Drahmann Academic Advising & Learning Resources Center, Housing Office, and Bursar Office.
For More Information

Phone: 408-551-1995