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BioInnovation and Design Lab

Solve real-world, interdisciplinary engineering challenges that transform global health. 

In this on-campus hub for biomedical engineering design and innovation, Santa Clara students and faculty put their entrepreneurial skills to work to address some of the 21st century's most pressing healthcare challenges. Students from engineering, biology, public health, business, and other disciplines work in value-driven partnerships with Silicon Valley medical device and biotechnology companies and medical organizations to find innovative, impactful solutions to real-world problems.

Find your passion for healthcare innovation and build real-world skills through design problems sourced from local startups and corporations as well as global NGOs and social enterprises serving emerging markets. Dive into one area, or try them all.

Whether you are a first-year undergraduate curious to discover what technology innovation is all about, or a doctoral student working on advanced research, this is the place for you! Learn authentic innovation methodologies. Work with cutting-edge instrumentation and materials for prototyping. Enjoy industry mentoring, networking opportunities, internships, and visits to industry labs. Incubate an idea and translate it into a successful product. The first step in designing your future starts here!

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    The Sweet Smell of Career Experience

    BioInnovation and Design Lab students are receiving outstanding mentorship while getting a flavor for working with a real customer in the biomedical industry.

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    Healthcare Innovation Fellows Program

    Congratulations to the Healthcare Innovation Fellows for 2019-21: Tannaz Azimi, Aliyah Contreras, Renzo Huarcaya, Cinthya Jauregui, Karina Sanchez, and Leslie Valenzuela. 

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    Congratulations to the VR Brain Computer Interface Team

    Congratulations to the VR Neurofeedback Team led by Dr. Julia Scott and Max Sims (formerly SCU Imaginarium Lab) and their students, Lee Harrold, Nicole Jacobus, and Cecilia Avelar on their latest installation at the Asian Art Museum. Mandala Flow State, a brain-computer interface for VR, is live and running on Thursdays evenings through April 2. The development of this project has been supported by the SF Asian Art Museum, Santa Clara University’s Center for Arts and Humanities, and the SCU BioInnovation and Design Lab.

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    In CERVIS to Women's Health

    Starting from a position of customer empathy, bioengineering seniors are collaborating with teammates from SCU’s public health science program to create a low-cost, non-invasive detection system for cervical cancer for use by women in developing countries.

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Director: Dr. Prashanth Asuri

Santa Clara University
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