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Our Faculty

Study with the best.

Santa Clara’s faculty includes award-winning scientists, economists, artists, writers, and more. But what sets our professors apart is a passion for teaching, and a commitment to their students.

Your professors will help you explore ideas through independent research, share their connections as you look for internships and other opportunities, and support your ambitions while you’re at SCU and beyond.

Here’s a small sample of some of the work being done right now by Santa Clara faculty. 

  • Evidence of Things Unseen

    Dark matter makes up 85 percent of the material in our universe. It envelops our galaxy—yet scientists have never seen it. That's why physicist Betty Young is looking—right here on earth.

  • Water, Water, Anywhere?

    As many parts of the state experience the driest year on record, the subject of water is on our minds in California. Edwin Maurer, associate professor of civil engineering, explains why droughts have become more intense—and why long-term planning is essential.

  • The Tahoe Tsunami

    Mechanical engineering professor Chris Kitts helps assemble a picture of a convulsive day in the life of Lake Tahoe.

Connected & Engaged Faculty