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Maybe your sport of choice is volleyball, swimming, or lacrosse. Or do you love to camp or hike? If you’re into it, SCU probably has it. (And if we don’t, you can start it up.)

If you’re a serious athlete wanting to perform at a high level, you’ll find the challenge you seek in one of our varsity or club teams. Our world-class facilities speak to the quality of our Division I programs, from the Sullivan Aquatic Center to the 45,000-square-foot Malley Fitness Center.

If you’re just looking to stay in shape, make friends outside of the classroom, or have some fun—our Campus Recreation programs offer a wide range of team sports and fitness classes.

If your interests run more toward the “recreation” end of “sports and recreation,” you’ll never run out of things to do (and climb, and hike across, and jump off of) in the Bay Area. Check out organizations like Into the Wild and the SCU Rock Climbing Club to find your path.