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Student Services

As a Santa Clara student, you’ll probably ask a lot of questions. What is my place in the universe? How can technology support the needs of the developing world? What should I do if I lose my student ID card?

Our Student Services offices can help you answer at least one of those questions, and hundreds more. Can’t find the office or service you need? Contact the Office of Student Life.

Academic Support

  • Drahmann Advising Center

    Get answers to all academic-related questions. From how to meet your Core requirements while still taking interesting classes to what to do when you need a little help passing your midterm, Drahmann is the place to go for tutoring, advising, and other learning support.

  • Library

    Need a quiet place to study or help finding a source for your paper? The Learning Commons has both cozy corners and high-end computer labs. And our library staff is ready to help with whatever you need, from research assistance to software training.

  • Career Center

    Internships, jobs, resumes—the Career Center has so much to offer, don’t wait until senior year to reach out. What should you major in? Which career path best fits your skills and passions? Looking for an internship or job? They can help. And before you head out into the workforce, let them spiff up your resume and hone your networking skills.

  • Registrar

    The Registrar’s office can help you register for classes, get transcripts and grade reports, and access your student records.

  • Bookstore

    As you might expect, our bookstore has a lot more than just books. In addition to buying (or renting!) your textbooks, you can shop for gifts, electronics, and Bronco merchandise.

Health & Wellness

  • Cowell Center, Student Health Services

    Wake up with a fever? The Cowell Center should be your first stop. They provide healthcare services, urgent care, after-hours advice, and medical support.

  • Cowell Center, Counseling and Psychological Services

    We all need to talk to somebody at one point or another. CAPS provides psychological, educational, and consultative services that are confidential for students.

  • Campus Ministry

    We talk about caring for the whole person a lot at SCU. That means mind, body, and spirit. Campus Ministry is here when you need to make sense of things and don't know where to start, especially with regards to what you believe.

Student Life

  • ACCESS Card

    The ACCESS card is your student ID, library card, meal card, and debit card (on or off campus). It’s also your key to enter offices and residence halls. Don’t lose it! (But don’t worry. We can help if you do.)

  • Benson Memorial Center

    If you’re looking for something to eat or something to do, our student center is the place to start; it’s the heart of SCU campus life. At Benson you’ll find dining options, administrative offices, and meeting rooms for student organizations.

  • Bursar

    The Bursar is where you pay your bills, from tuition and fees to campus housing costs and other university related charges.

  • Financial Aid

    We are committed to helping students and their families find ways to make Santa Clara University affordable.

  • International Student Services

    ISS provides a wide range of services to SCU’s international student population, from events and social networking opportunities to assistance with immigration forms and policies.

  • Disabilities Resources

    Our goal is to support the college student with a disability to participate fully in campus life, its programs and activities. We emphasize growth and individual achievement.

  • Office of Student Life

    The OSL coordinates all the services that SCU offers its students. If you’re looking for something student services-related, or if you need help and aren’t sure where to look, contact us.