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National Ranking

The SCU English Department is ranked #4 in the nation by the "25 Best Colleges for English Majors 2020" list compiled by

Writer. Researcher. Tech Developer. Teacher. Lawyer. Where can SCU English take you? Anywhere you want.

An SCU English degree provides an incomparable set of writing and analytical skills that can lead you down any number of paths—in the arts, education, technology, policy, business, law, and more. Our students study and produce writing that moves readers, changes lives, and transforms the world. We’ve structured our program to give students opportunities in and out of the classroom that set a foundation for the future.

Literature and theory courses might turn you on to doing academic research through our Faculty Student Research Assistant Program or Canterbury Program, which could lead to graduate school or teaching.

The Santa Clara Review is often a springboard for Creative Writing students to find success as poets, novelists, and screenwriters.

If you’re looking toward a professional career, becoming a trained writing partner at the HUB Writing Center will hone your written communication skills beyond what you learn in class.

Future web content strategists and digital editors often take courses in Professional Writing before moving on to positions at tech companies in the Valley and beyond.  

With a major as versatile as SCU English, students graduate with the critical writing and thinking skills to succeed in any field while making the world a better place. 

About Our Program

The Department of English affords students a rich undergraduate education in the liberal arts centered on literature, cultural studies, and the art of writing. Critical or creative writing projects are integral to every course in the English major. Students and faculty in the English Department discuss and write about British, American, and global literatures, new media, and film. A range of theoretical approaches are used, sometimes with a focus on visual rhetoric and cultural studies. The department also offers the Creative Writing Program, which provides students with a coherent course of study in the writing of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. The English major prepares students to read and write critically, to bring intellectual flexibility to academic and professional problems, and to enter the workforce as individuals with trained skills in analysis and self-expression.


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