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Career Center, Santa Clara University

Statement on Racial Injustice

The Career Center at Santa Clara University believes that cultivating transformative, equitable, and accessible career development resources and employment connections is an important step towards serving the needs of all students and ending systemic racism. As a team, we are thoughtfully trying to process recent events and assess how to begin to take action. While we publish this statement, we aim to be an ally for racial equality on an ongoing basis. 

Here in SCU’s Career Center:


  • We believe Black Lives Matter, and we stand with our Black students, staff, faculty, and the Black community as a whole.
  • We stand for their right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.
  • We cannot make positive changes if we can’t learn from our past and collaborate with our students, employers and SCU stakeholders for a more just vision of the future.
  • We believe that empathy is a powerful tool for healing what seems like insurmountable obstacles. The more we connect the more we can learn from one another. 


  • We will examine our own privilege and are committed to recognizing when we act/react out of implicit bias as individual staff members and as an entire unit.
  • We will work with students, campus and employer partners to better understand needs and our role in creating a more equitable and humane future.
  • We are committed to identifying and partnering with employers who are invested in addressing inequity in the workplace. 
  • We will seek out and embrace partners who actively live DEI and support social justice. 
  • We will continue in our efforts to recruit and hire professional and student staff members who reflect and represent our student population.