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Getting out of the classroom and experiencing the professional world is a central part of the SCU academic experience.

An internship is a great way to start learning about specific industries, companies, and positions as you begin considering your own career path and options after college.

Test the waters

We help students connect to internship opportunities in a wide variety of fields, from advertising and marketing to medicine, public policy, and green technology. The sky’s the limit.*

Getting early exposure to the workplace, and the chance to network and form professional relationships, in Silicon Valley and elsewhere, is part of what makes a Santa Clara degree so valuable.

Many students have been able to parlay a local internship into a full-time job upon graduation. Others have used their experience abroad to pursue careers with international NGOs.

We’re here to help

The Career Center helps hundreds of students—including freshmen and sophomores—find meaningful internships every year. You can browse open positions throughout the Bay Area and the U.S., or even go global with an international internship or paid fellowship.

The REAL Program, managed by the College of Arts and Sciences, provides paid research and internship opportunities to undergraduate students within the College. Through these opportunities, students can discover their interests, gain a rich understanding of a particular field, discern their career goals, explore future employment fields, and grow their professional networks.

* Technically speaking, the sky’s actually not the limit— some of our students have interned in NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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Fraud Detectors

Navigating ethics and compliance in a Silicon Valley giant—all in a day’s work for students through the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics.


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