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Power Ups

Need to brush up on a specific area, like factoring, fractions, or trig functions?  Power Ups are single sessions that focus on refining skills in a fundamental topic.

Note that all times are Pacific Time.

Wednesdays 5- 6 pm (Online)
 Exponents, Aprll 6
Factoring, April 13
Common Graphs, April 20
Rational Functions, April 27
Exponential Functions, May 4
Logarthimic Functions, May 11
Exponential and Logarithnic Equations May 18
Trig Functions, May 25
Unit Circle Review, June 1
Wednesdays 4 - 5 pm (Heafey 223)
*Trig Boost 1, Aprll 6
*Trig Boost 2, April 13
*Trig Boost 3, April 20
Curve Sketching (First and Second Derivative Test), April 27
3D Pictionary (Quadric Surfaces), May 4
Differentiation Review, May 11
Implicit Differentiation, May 18
Related Rates, May 25
Integration Strategies, June 1
*Miniseries designed for students advancing from MATH 31 to MATH 13

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