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Labs & Research

Nanoscale technologies for testing drinking water. Sustainable energy systems and building materials. Robotics. 3D bioprinting. Mobile apps to serve impoverished communities around the world and here at home.

In these and a myriad of other fields, our engineering professors are making a difference and engaging students in their research along the way.

If you want to get involved, we've got a place in the lab for you. Many students are already working closely with professors in their fields of interest at the end of their first year. And we partner with some of the best beyond our campus—working with NASA/Ames to send satellites into space, or with Silicon Valley giants and start-ups to advance technologies in communication, medical devices, climate mitigation, and more. Our laboratories are bustling with activity and students travel from Alaska to Rwanda pursuing their research with fellow undergrads and grad students, faculty, government, industry, non-profit, and academic partners around the world.

  • We Have Contact

    To create a groundbreaking new soft contact lens designed to detect early signs of glaucoma, bioengineering’s Emre Araci and his students had to find a material that would combine comfort and safety with the rigidity needed for an on-board sensor.

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