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Work alongside faculty members, collaborate with local Silicon Valley tech firms, or follow your own ideas to see where they will lead. If it's research you want, opportunities abound.

Whether you're a first-year student or a Ph.D. candidate, whatever area you're interested in—sustainable building, data management, communication, robotics, renewable energy, wearable technologies, to name just a few possibilities—we will help you put your talents to the task. Our students regularly co-author published research in respected journals and present their work at conferences around the world. 

Our Latimer Energy Scholars chart their own course of independent study and then come together for a summer group project. Undergraduates, master's and doctoral students from multiple disciplines collaborate on complex satellite operations for NASA and on novel, multi-robot adaptive navigation techniques in the Robotics Systems Laboratory. Bioengineers assist local biodevice firms to improve their products or travel to India to perform field research, and civil engineers further their study in Alaska, Rwanda, Ghana, or wherever their research takes them. Kuehler Undergraduate Researchers are paid to help further a faculty member's research. These and many other programs are available through the School of Engineering and the University offers a wide range of research opportunities, as well.

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    Closing the Gender Gap in VC Funding

    Assistant Professor Margareta (Maya) Ackerman's research has uncovered a clear and consistent pattern that exists in most industries, regardless of geography: the CEO’s gender is the most important factor for fundraising success. Even after controlling for external factors such as attending an Ivy League school or having a prior successful business “exit”—women were still disadvantaged in VC funding.

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