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Co-ops and Internships

Cooperative Education

The Cooperative Education option integrates classroom work with practical industrial experience. It provides alternate or parallel periods of college education with periods of practical training in industry. The industrial training is related to the field of study in which the student is engaged and often is diversified to afford a wide range of experience. The objective of cooperative education is to provide students with the opportunity, through this interaction of study and work experience, to enhance their academic knowledge, to further their personal work experience, and to learn how to work effectively with others.

To qualify for this study option, undergraduate students must complete at least 30 quarter units and graduate students must complete 24 units at Santa Clara University. Interested undergraduate students should contact their faculty advisor and fill out a "Petition for Independent Study" form to enroll in their department course 188. The Petition for Independent Study form can be picked up at the front desk in Heafey/Bergin or downloaded here. Graduate students can enroll in Engr 288 on eCampus.

188. Co-op Education (Undergraduate Students)

Integration of classroom study and practical experience in a planned program designed to give students practical work experience related to their academic field of study and career objectives. The course alternates (or parallels) periods of classroom study with periods of training in industry or government. Satisfactory completion of the assignment includes preparation of a summary report on co-op activities. P/NP grading. May be taken twice. May not be taken for graduate credit. (2 units) 

ENGR 288. Co-op Education (Graduate Students)

The primary purpose of Co-op education is to give students an opportunity to gain practical knowledge in their field of study. This course is designed to prepare them for such an experience, by providing the appropriate academic background that is required for an internship. It consists of a series of lectures on topics that will familiarize them with the Silicon Valley working environment and will enable them to relate their experience in the industry to their academic program. This course is required for all students who wish to enroll in ENGR 289 (Extended Co-op Education). Attendance is mandatory. (1 unit)

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