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Welcome Back Broncos!


For up-to-date information, please visit Prepared SCU and read the latest campus messages.

Welcome to the Office of Student Life (OSL) website!  We are happy you found us.  As you explore our website, you will quickly discover that Student Success is the central focus for OSL. This focus is accomplished by serving as an advocate for students and fostering their holistic development.  OSL’s approach to student life reflects the Ignatian Values of SCU: respecting our students as individuals and working with them to maximize their personal development and academic pursuits.

Additionally, OSL responds to the welfare needs and conduct issues of our students.  OSL is a multifunctional department that provides services to students through various offices including Off-Campus Living and the Wellness Center.  Enjoy your journey through our website!

Our Services, Programs, & Offices

OSL’s core services, programs and offices reflect our philosophy. Our services, programs and offices engage students in different modalities and are often a combination of advocating for them in ways that they view as being supportive, and at other times challenge them to be accountable for their decisions and behaviors.  Learn more about each of our programs and offices by clicking on the tiles below.

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