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Program Review

Santa Clara University engages in the academic program review (APR) process as part of the ongoing process of program improvement and commitment to academic excellence. Program review provides an opportunity for the department or program to evaluate its effectiveness in achieving its educational goals, to identify ways it is functioning well and ways it can be improved, and to develop strategic, realistic plans and priorities for the future direction of the program. Every academic unit participates in a comprehensive self-study or program review once every seven years, unless professional accreditation schedules require more frequent review.


The university has developed complementary guidelines to help departments navigate the program review process. The first, Guidelines for Academic Program Review,  is designed for undergraduate and graduate departments and programs that are only accredited by WASC, and not accredited by a specialized accreditor (such as ABET or AACSB). The document discusses the seven-year program review cycle, the self-study schedule, components of the self-study report, guidelines for visiting teams, guidelines for the revised action plan, and guidelines for the integration of program review into planning.

The second SCU set of guidelines recognizes that many undergraduate and graduate programs with specialized accreditors are doing some, or even much, of the essential work of APR as they complete self-studies for their accreditors. These programs should follow the Guidelines for Graduate Programs and Undergraduate Programs with Specialized Accreditors

Support for Program Review

Working together with each school or unit, The Provost’s Office, Institutional Research, and Educational Assessment provide support for program review by providing consultation and institutional data. The Provost’s Office holds an orientation for departments and programs to provide an overview of the process prior to the start of program review.

Provost's Office Directory

Contact Information

Ed Ryan
Vice Provost for Planning and Institutional Effectiveness, 408 554 5182

Christine Bachen
Director, Educational Assessment, 408 551 3298

Barbara Stewart
Director, Office of Institutional Research, 408 554 4396