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Group Study Rooms

Students, faculty, and staff may reserve the collaborative rooms.

About Room Reservations

Various private study spaces, classrooms, and conference rooms can be reserved online at:

empty group study room

All online collaborative room reservations can be made using the web interface available at Making a reservation through this site will require you to log in using your SCU ID, to ensure rooms are reserved only by members of the Santa Clara community and that your reservation cannot be modified or deleted by someone else. Students, Faculty, and Staff are limited to a total of four hours of reservations per day, in any combination of times  (one four-hour block, two two-hour blocks, etc.  This web site can also be used to delete a reservation you no longer need. The Web interface is aware of the building schedule for the Learning Commons and will not allow you to make a reservation for a time when the building is closed.

Other guidelines related to collaborative room scheduling in the Learning Commons include:

  • Room reservations can be made up to a week in advance.
  • Reservations made online must be confirmed within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time by touching the flashing "Start" button that will be displayed on the Room Wizard located near the door, or the reservation will be lost. You can also check in online up to 2 hours in advance at
  • Free rooms are indicated by green lights on the side of the Room Wizard and may be reserved on the spot by touching the "Use Now" button on the screen.
  • The rooms are intended for group collaboration, not individual study. While individuals may use a room on a drop-in basis if it is not scheduled, please be gracious about surrendering the space if requested by a group.
  • The rooms are intended primarily to further academic activities. Use good judgment about appropriate times for non-academic uses to ensure academic needs are met.
  • The rooms are intended solely for use by members of the Santa Clara University community. 

Also, please remember that these rooms are, like the entire Learning Commons, a resource shared by the entire Santa Clara community. Please clean up a room when you're finished.

Reserve Group Study Rooms