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St. Clare Room: Event Use Policy

The St. Clare Room in the University Library is designated as a quiet study space for Santa Clara University students. For this reason, it can only be reserved for two events per week so it remains available for study. The St. Clare Room may be reserved by SCU faculty and staff for lectures, panels, and author events which meet all of the following guidelines:

Event Guidelines

  1. The organizers of the event are directly affiliated with Santa Clara University and the event is sponsored by a campus department or office.
  2. The event includes academically-oriented activities that further the mission of Santa Clara University.
  3. The event is free and open to the University community and the general public.
  4. The event does not occur during a period of peak study by students. The blackout periods include midterms (week 5), dead week (week 10), finals week, and days on which the library is closed.
  5. The total time necessary for the event, including set-up and cleanup times, occurs entirely during the Library’s open hours. See Library Hours for operating hours and holiday closure information.
  6. The total time necessary for the event should not exceed four hours.
  7. The event’s expected attendance is at least 50 people and does not exceed the capacity limit of 100 people.

Room Restrictions

  1. The Library’s food & drink policy applies to inside the St. Clare Room. Catering may only be set up in the pre-function space outside the room. Only food and drink that meets the Library’s food policy may be consumed in the room.
  2. The room is only available for two events per week, and may be reserved up to 6 months in advance.
    The Library reserves the right to refuse a reservation if the intended use would create excessive noise and/or activity on the 3rd floor. Guests must be informed that the 3rd floor is a quiet study floor.

Room Features

The room has projection & recording capabilities, 54 hard-back chairs, 18 tables, and 10-15 lounge seats around the edges of the room. Facilities may be able to provide additional chairs, not to exceed more than the room’s total occupancy of 100.

Responsibilities of the Event Organizer

  1. The event organizer coordinates all room set up before and room restoration after the event.
  2. The event organizer may employ their own staff or may make arrangements in advance from Facilities for assistance with rearranging furniture.  
  3. If extra chairs are required, the event organizer may request them from Facilities. The library cannot provide additional chairs.
  4. Tables and chairs may not be removed from the room.
  5. Tables and chairs may not be pushed up against the walls and/or the window shades.
  6. The event organizer should make arrangements in advance with Academic Technology for presentation, media equipment, sound equipment, or recording services.
  7. The event organizer must arrange with Mission Catering or Adobe for any catering needs.
  8. The event organizer ensures that catering is set up in the pre-function area in front of the St. Clare Room and not in the room.
  9. The event organizer monitors capacity limits and noise levels.
  10. The event organizer has adequate staffing to assist guests with accessibility needs at the dedicated St. Clare Room elevator.
  11. If custodial services are required, the cost will be charged to the sponsoring department.

Requesting a Reservation

Submit all reservation requests online, no earlier than 6 months prior to your event date.

All requests, even those that meet the guidelines, must be approved. Room availability does not mean room approval. All reservation requests are responded to within 3 business days of the request. Approved requests are sent a confirmation email after the room has been reserved.

St. Clare Room Requests