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Meet the Student Ambassadors

Cowell Center Student Ambassadors Are a student run board comprised of four board members and additional project volunteers.

Our Mission

As Cowell Center Student Ambassadors, we support the Cowell Health Center by promoting and representing its health and counseling services. Our work aims to destigmatize the act of seeking these services and strives to serve as a bridge between the Cowell Center and the SCU student body. We are committed to offering our knowledge and guidance when it comes to finding the resources you need!

Our Goals

To Focus On Resources and Therapeutic Resources by:

  • Providing peer education that helps promote awareness of resources and interventions
  • Marketing all things Cowell on campus: treatments, services, programs, workshops, training, and resources.
  • Amana Liddell (she/her/hers)

    Marketing and Events

    Amana Liddell is a junior Biology and Psychology double-major. In addition to CCSA, Amana Liddell is the Vice President of Delta Epsilon Mu and a member of the SCU EMS Squad. Amana said, “I joined CCSA because I want to help the student body to better understand and access the services that Cowell provides because I heard quite a few misconceptions about Cowell and CAPS around campus.” Amana is new to our team and has already been a great addition. As a board member, she is responsible for all of our marketing and event planning.

About the Student Ambassadors

  • Students who are representatives and promoters of Cowell
  • Students who are knowledgeable about the Cowell Center and SCU resources
  • Students who are approachable and informative
  • Students leaders who are serving as bridges between SCU students, the Cowell Center, and broader community resources

We are constantly looking for hardworking and dedicated volunteers. Recruitment occurs on a rolling basis throughout the academic year, and we ask interested volunteers to complete our interest form.  If you would like to know more about the specific projects we are actively supporting, please reach out to one of our board members.

  • Setareh Tehrani

    Setareh Harsamizadeh Tehrani immigrated to the United States from Iran in December of 2014. While it was difficult for Setareh to learn English and adapt to the American education system, she is now glad to be living in America. Setareh is a transfer student from Ohlone College and is studying public health at SCU. At Ohlone College, Setareh served as a Senior Student Wellness Ambassador and a Statewide Student Wellness Ambassador with the Foundation for California Community Colleges. She has also served as Alameda County Mental Health Equity Scholar, where she looked at mental health through an equity lens. Setareh is very glad to continue her passion for mental health advocacy at SCU by being a Cowell Center Student Ambassador (CCSA) and a Liaison for LEAD Scholars and Transfer Students. Setareh is serving on the Transfer Group Working Committee, where she is helping SCU's faculty, staff, and administrators to identify the needs of transfer students. One of Setareh’s primary objectives as a CCSA is to help increase the sense of belonging of transfer students at SCU!