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Joining EMS

Joining SCU EMS is generally a two-step process. See below for a description of each step.

Step 1

Getting EMT-B Certification

The on-campus class is offered by Foothill College beginning early in winter quarter. The class consists of 160 hours of education and skills practice spread over weekly 3 hour Tuesday and Thursday night meetings and 7 hour Saturday skills labs. The class will stretch until very early June, but will not extend beyond school or into finals week.

Application to join EMS can be accessed using the button below during fall quarter. Applicants are selected and emailed acceptance to the program in early January. More information about the class can be found at the document link below. 

Off-Campus Options:
Many local agencies exist which offer EMT-B certification courses. Attending the on campus EMT-B certification class does not guarantee a position on the SCU EMS team. 

A list of local agencies which offer certification courses and regulate practice in the state of California can be found here.

Application to join EMS[PDF]


Step 2

Interviewing for the Squad

Application Process:
Interview sign-ups are customarily available beginning in early May, but the exact timing is dependent on the SCU EMS leadership team's schedule. Check the upcoming events calendar on the home page regularly during spring quarter for the exact date. 

Requests to interview must be emailed to the SCU EMS PR representative ( during the appropriate window. The PR representative will email out scheduling documents and interview dates to all applicants following the final application day. 

Interview Process: 
The SCU EMS squad interview is an important way for the leadership team and the squad to connect with potential applicants and determine how well their personalities, skills, and commitment mesh with the values and goal of the team. The interview consists of two main parts:

  1. A traditional personal interview: Please bring resumes to interviews (exact number of copies needed will be emailed to all applicants) and expect to answer personal questions related to skills, strengths, weaknesses, values, leadership and personality.
  2. A mock call: come prepared to run a simulated emergency medical call response to demonstrate the skills you have acquired and the quality of care you are capable of providing.

If you have any questions about the class or the application process, please do not hesitate to contact us.