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Cowell Center

Outreach Services

Outreach Services partners with the Santa Clara University community to create virtual events and workshops. We work toward demystifying counseling and educating the campus on mental and physical well-being issues.

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Upcoming Events

Fall 2021 Programs and Groups


All Cowell Center groups have open registration during weeks 1-3 of the quarter, with the exception of the Students of Color Support and Empowerment Group, which will keep registration open through week 4. After weeks 3 & 4, the enrollment period will close until the next quarter.


Body Positive

This is an 8-week group that focuses on an individual's relationship with their body and changing the culture and messaging around body image.


Understanding Yourself and Others

This group will allow you to explore your inner emotional world, how you make decisions and interpret life's events, and how to relate with others.


Difficult Families

This group provides a space for students who come from difficult family backgrounds to connect with others who can understand and relate to the experiences shared in the group.


Students of Color Support & Empowerment

This group seeks to cultivate an open and supportive space for students of color to connect and gain wisdom and energy from each other.


To register call (408) 554-4501 or visit MySCU Portal and click on My Student Health Portal.