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Case Management Services

Case management services at Santa Clara University provide undergraduate and graduate students assistance with referrals to resources for therapy, psychiatry and medical services. Since the care provided through the Cowell Center is based on a short term model, the Case Manager will support students with referrals for long-term or specialty care located off-campus. Some of the resources the Case Manager can provide include tools on how to find a therapist best suited for your individual needs, questions to ask your insurance regarding your benefits, and much more. 

Case management services operates at the same standards of confidentiality as personal counseling appointments, both through telehealth and in-person. Case management services are free of charge and do not have a session limit. While the scope of these services vary by the student, feel free to reach out and the Case Manager will direct you to resources based on your needs. Case management services can be accessed by calling the Cowell Center at (408) 554-4501 to schedule an appointment.