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LGBTQIA+ Resources

LGBTQ students at Santa Clara University encounter the same struggles as other students but also manage the stress of navigating in a world that is often less accepting of people who are not heterosexual and/or traditionally gendered. Since sexual orientation and gender identity may not be immediately visible to others, LGBTQ people often have to deal with questions about coming out, worrying about others reactions and finding romantic partners. Given negative messages in society, some students worry about what impact their sexual/gender minority status will have on their career path, religious beliefs, health, family, and friends. CAPS strives to be a resource for students to discuss these and other concerns in a safe and affirming environment.

Please contact Cowell Center if you have questions or want more information.

LGBTQ Resources for SCU Students

SCU LGBTQ Resources

The LGBTQ Youth Space

Office for Multicultural Learning

Office for Diversity & Inclusion

Locations of the 30+ unisex bathrooms available on campus