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Violence Prevention Educators

The Violence Prevention Educators are a student-based sexual assault prevention, education, and bystander awareness organization at Santa Clara University, operating out of the SCU Wellness Center.

VPE History

Every two minutes, someone is sexually assaulted in the US, and 1-in-4-to-5 college-aged women are the victims of rape or attempted rape (US Dept of Justice). Students play an important role in preventing sexual assault on campus. The Program works toward prevention and early intervention of sexual assault at SCU by educating and bringing about awareness to the SCU community, empowering bystanders to take action to prevent sexual assault and violence, and working toward cultural change with a reduction in sexual and relationship violence.

VPE Mission

The Violence Prevention Educators are a peer-based organization aimed at spreading awareness and education about sexual assault at SCU and empowering the student body to be proactive bystanders to protect fellow Broncos. The VPEs aim to be a resource for those who are survivors of sexual assault for friends of survivors.


The Violence Prevention Educators participate in the following events at SCU:

  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month (observed in October)
  • Tunnel of Oppression
  • The Clothesline Project
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month (observed in April)
  • Take Back the Night rally & march
  • Survivors Speak open mic
  • Residential Community/RLC presentations

The Violence Prevention Educators have also been involved in community events and organizations:

  • "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" in downtown San Jose
  • S2S (Student 2 Student) at Los Gatos High School
  • Volunteered at HomeSafe, a local women’s shelter in Santa Clara