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Carly Lynch leads morning meditation on IG live.

Carly Lynch leads morning meditation on IG live.

Mindfulness is an essential element to Spiritual Wellness. On this page you will find resources for prayer, meditation, discernment, and yoga. Make time to practice mindfulness each day, even if it is just a mindful moment!

It is so important to carve out time for regular prayer and/or meditation, especially when it feels like there is no time for it. If you don't have time for our regular program offerings, hopefully this page will give you tangible ways to reflect.

We highlight sacred spaces on campus to encourage you to find particular places to practice mindfulness. In addition to these meditation spaces on campus, we encourage you to find and create sacred spaces of your own. Perhaps it is a corner of a bedroom where you create your own prayer altar or space for sitting to meditate. Perhaps you find a local park you visit on a daily walk where you can engage in walking meditation or listen to one of the mindfulness offerings below. Whatever you choose, the more consistent and concrete you make your practice, the deeper and more fruitful your discipline will become. 

Meditation Resources


Find podcasts, apps, and other resources to support you in your mindfulness meditation practice. Blessed Imagination is a guided meditation podcast led by former Campus Minister Alexander Garoutte! Deepen in your experience of Ignatian Contemplation by listening in. The Shine app and the Liberate app are resources for meditation and self-care that are both for and by Black, Indigenous and People of Color. The 5 Minute Journal is designed to cultivate daily gratitude. 

  • Note: Campus Ministry has an educational account for the Calm App. If you would like to receive the educational subscription, please email Campus Ministry for log-in information. 




Prayer Resources


Discover a variety of resources to nurture your prayer life, in both English and Spanish. Whether you follow the readings of the day, explore resources for Ignatian spirituality, or pray with Pope Francis, we hope these resources aid you in deepening your relationship with God. Explore the resources below, and pick the one that supports you the most. 

While many of these resources are beyond the Santa Clara community, note that the Advent and Lent resources are daily devotionals written by members of the Jesuit School of Theology at Santa Clara University. If you would like to subscribe to the Advent series, Waiting in Joyful Hope, or A Heart Renewed: Lenten Prayer, simply click the links below to subscribe. 

Also, if you have suggested prayer resources you would want to share with others, let us know!




Vocation Discernment Resources


Where might God be calling you? Have you ever considered religious life or the priesthood? 

  • Contact Fr. Kyle Shinseki, S.J. for more information and resources about vocations to religious life.
  • Contact Julia Claire Santos to learn about lay vocations, including how vocation discernment plays a role in your Occupational Wellness. 
  • Discover a directory of resources, including religious congregations, year of service programs, and graduate and professional degree programs at Campus Ministry's Discernment website. 




Yoga and Meditation Resources


Many in the Santa Clara community practice yoga both for the physical and spiritual wellness it stimulates. When we are in person, we hope to resume Candlelight Yoga in the Multifaith Sanctuary, as it was a very popular gathering for students. While we are engaged in distance learning, we encourage you to find an online yoga class that suits you and supports your practice. Ignatian Yoga integrates the practices of Ignatian Spirituality with Yoga. Jiaren Yoga Studio is a local studio, run by a Santa Clara alum. The studio is blocks from campus, and they offer online classes as well.