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Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications

The Enterprise Applications Group provides technical support for SCU's Enterprise Resource Planning software. Currently, this consists of Workday for Financials and Human Resources, as well as PeopleSoft (aka eCampus) for Student Administration, and Slate for Admission. In July 2023, all ERP functions will move to Workday.

Support for Workday is split into four categories: operational support; reporting and analytics; integrations; and security. Our support model is divided along those lines, with collaboration across groups depending on the issue, project or upgrade at hand.  Some of our specific activities include:

  • Maintaining workflow, especially across functional areas
  • Coordinating the biannual release testing, with a particular focus on workflow, reports, integrations and security that may have been affected by the latest release
  • Writing integrations to and from third party vendors
  • Developing the security model as well as individual enhancements to secure particular reports, integrations, tasks or workflow steps
  • Building complex reports and dashboards
  • Maintaining legacy data access via separate reporting tool

Support for PeopleSoft is split into three categories: operational support; development; and infrastructure.  Enterprise Applications is responsible for the overall maintenance of PeopleSoft, including:

  • Applying patches, upgrades and other maintenance
  • Writing custom integrations to communicate with external vendors
  • Securing the system, for end users, integrations, and the underlying infrastructure
  • Fixing broken functions as well as adding custom improvements  
  • Assisting users with queries, batch processes, extracts, etc