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Engineering Computing Center

What's new in the ECC

What's new in the ECC: Changes for the 2021-22 academic year

In the computing labs:

  • ECC lab availability: The ECC computer labs will be open 8am - 12M daily. Heafey-Bergin will be accessible to STEM students 24x7, using their ACCESS credential.
  • Lab monitors: The Lab Monitor desk (on the first floor of Heafey) is staffed daily from 8am - 8pm.
  • ECC computers support SmartPrint.
  • ECC computers now use your standard SCU Username and Password. Accounts are automatically created for students enrolled in Engineering classes.
  • There are three new labs in Heafey-Bergin:
  • The lab in Heafey 203 (formerly the Mac lab) has been updated with new Linux workstations.
  • This year, we're introducing LabStats on the Windows lab computers. This is to track workstation and license utilization, and to help inform decision-making about future hardware and software purchases.
  • Remote access to the labs from off-campus requires logging in to the SCU VPN first.
  • We are streamlining the remote-access methods we offer:
    • VDI: for remote access to the ECC Windows platform
    • SSH: for remote access to the ECC Linux platform using the command-line interface
    • NoMachine: for remote access to the ECC Linux platform using the graphical interface
    • More information about remote access


Networking and security changes:



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