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Technology at SCU

Personal/Student Purchases

Educational discounts on hardware and software are available for students and faculty/staff purchasing machines for their own personal use.

Below are several vendors offering faculty, staff, and students discounts on the purchase of computers and software for personal use.

NOTE:  If you are a faculty or staff member looking to purchase a computer for your department, please refer to the "Computer Hardware Purchase Recommendations" page for information about departmental computer purchase recommendations.





Microsoft "Work at Home" Program


We offer the "Work at Home" program to all current SCU benefited faculty and staff as part of our Microsoft campus agreement.  The program allows you to purchase Microsoft software at a discount, install, and use it on your home (personally-owned) computer as long as you are performing University-related work.  All SCU employees who use a personally-owned computer to work at home are eligible to purchase and run one (1) copy of Windows and one (1) copy of Office of their choice through this agreement.  Please note the Windows operating system is the "upgrade" version only; you must be running an earlier version of Windows in order to install the upgraded version.  The following software is available for purchase:

  • Microsoft Office 2019 (search for "wah" on the website below)
  • Microsoft Office 2016 (search for "wah" on the website below)
  • Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac (search for "wah" on the website below)
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 Upgrade
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade


  • Work at Home media is available for all current SCU benefited (on Santa Clara University's payroll) staff and faculty;
  • Affiliates, adjuncts, contractors, and retirees are not eligible for the Work at Home program;
  • Students and student employees are not eligible for the Work at Home program.

This offer is effective as long as our Microsoft campus agreement is in place and the licensed individual is currently employed by Santa Clara University.  Users are required to remove the software from their home machine immediately if their employment with Santa Clara University ends.

Ordering Information

You can order the software and media from and search for "work at home" without the quotes and follow the 3 step instructions.

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